John Gautsche 5 stars  Both of our children were given theirs when they where born. There is not one other item that has stayed on their bedroom walls their whole lives. Daughter is 21 and son is 19. What does that say about those two gifts?

Melicia Ryann Patik 5 stars I still have my name poster from when I was 8!  I love it!  Thanks to my  Aunt Tori! ;) xoxo

Tori Lanosga 5 stars I had these made by Tina 19 years ago for my daughter, nieces & nephew! They were awesome then, and haven't lost their charm.

Alicia Cosner-Patik 5 stars All three of my daughters still have their "names".  Everything they loved as little girls are depicted in their name "characters!"  The artwork is still so special!!!

Julie Cohee Gross 5 stars Tina made one for my wedding.  It had my name and my husband's name, and the pictures were personalized to our likes and hobbies, and the date of our wedding was on it, too.  Beautiful work!

Stefanie Dahlstrom 5 stars I still have my "NameThing" from when I was little!  Now I have one for my son and will be getting one soon for my new daughter.  Tina does such a great job  making these personal and beautiful.  The colors are so bright and the drawings are adorable. It would make a great gift for new parents!

Lacey Allen 5 stars  I absolutely LOVE our Name Thing for our daughter! Name things make great baby shower or birthday gifts for any age!  The details Tina includes in the name makes it even more special!  I definitely recommend them for everyone!