Q) Can my "Name Thing" contain a word that is not a name?

A) Yes

B) Please put information about the word under Hobbies or Interests under "Name Thing" Recipient Information area


Q) How do I place special orders?

A) Please feel free to Click here and Contact Us in regards to your specific needs


Q) Can I order through the mail?

A) Yes, please Click here to Contact Us, please provide us a full mailing address in "Messages" where we can mail you a printed order form


Q) Can I order more than one “Name Thing” at a time?

A) Yes, but at this time you will need to place separate orders per "Name Thing," or feel free to place a Special Order by Clicking here to Contacting Us


Q) What are they drawn on?

A) The artwork is done on a beautiful textured Strathmore Watercolor paper.  It is heavy weight, 140 lb. paper.... acid free.  The drawing is permanent, waterproof, fade proof ink.  The color is colored pencil and sometimes permanent ink.